Artalli’s goal is to serve outstanding food in functional, but cosy settings, with a laid back atmosphere and offer exhilarating activities in beautiful nature surroundings.

Artalli is a family owned restaurant, that is runned by Henrik Rehbinder and his company Vapaaherranelämää. Henrik is also the head chef and has over 20 years of experience as a chef from many different restaurants. Henrik or as friends call him Roope, doesn’t of course do everything by him self. There are many dedicated professionals working in each occasion, just to make sure that everything goes as planned, right down to perfection.


Nature is the most important partner to us and so we do our very best to preserve it. We use only wind-power produced electricity and for heating and cooling we use energy efficient air-source heat pumps. We also actively use Artalli’s fireplace for warming and for cosy atmosphere and all used wood comes from taking care of our own little forest. Water to Artalli and sauna comes from own spring well. And If there are any left over food, it will be appreciated by our Bernese mountain dogs and all the biodegradable waste is composted to dirt for use in our garden. We try to avoid any excess waste with good planning and what litle waste we produce, we recycle it properly.


For transportations, accommodations and other services we have the best partners, that we have been working with for years.